• A Breast Lift Without Surgery? Learn About ThermiBreast

    on Nov 12th, 2018

Breast enhancement surgeries are among the most popular procedures in the United States. In 2017, over 400,000 women went under the knife to achieve larger or more lifted breasts. Although breast enlargement (augmentation) surgery remains the number one cosmetic procedure, over a quarter of those women had breast lift surgery, a number that has nearly doubled in the past 17 years.

These numbers are only expected to rise as the population advances in age. The traditional breast lift procedure bears all the risks that go with surgery, including some bedrest and time away from work. With breast lift surgery, you won’t be able to fully resume your normal daily activities for as long as 3 weeks. Stitches, bandages, pain medication, and possible drainage tubes are all part and parcel of a surgical breast lift.

A nonsurgical breast lift is possible

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get all the advantages of a breast lift in an easier procedure? Now you can! Here at World Wellness Health Institute, we offer a new and innovative procedure that’s minimally invasive and requires little downtime. Best of all, you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Dr. Daniel Lebowitz is excited to offer his patients ThermiTight™ technology. ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth™, and now ThermiBreast™ are noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures that treat loose skin. With this new technology Dr. Lebowitz is able to shape, tighten, and firm areas of your body that once could only be contoured through surgery.

How ThermiBreast technology works

As a woman ages, the production of collagen and elastin slows significantly. This is what accounts for sagging, loose skin and wrinkles. Not only does this evidence of the absence of collagen and elastin show up on your face, but elsewhere on your body as well. Your upper arms, neck, décolletage, and breasts may all show signs of aging due to collagen and elastin loss.   

That’s where the ThermiBreast procedure comes in. Through controlled radiofrequency, a gentle heat is directed into the breast tissue far below the surface. As the tissue warms, your body goes into a type of healing and rebuilding mode. Collagen and elastin production goes up substantially, resulting in tightened tissue, which is more firm, supple, lifted, and younger-looking.

What to expect from the ThermiBreast procedure

The ideal candidate for the ThermiBreast procedure should have a mild-to-moderate degree of sagging. For those with a large degree of sagging, breast surgery is probably the best option.

Those who have had breast cancer or radiation of the breast area are generally not good candidates for the ThermiBreast procedures. ThermiBreast will not increase breast size, but your breasts may appear slightly larger as a result of the firming, tightening, and lifting of the procedure.

Once Dr. Lebowitz has determined that you are a good candidate for the ThermiBreast procedure, you can expect the minimally invasive process to take about an hour. Local anesthesia is administered to eliminate discomfort, and you can expect to have some swelling, bruising, and slight pain for about the next week. Patients undergoing ThermiBreast should take 1-2 days off from work to recover. There are no stitches, bandages, or drainage tubes, and you’ll feel like a new, improved, and more vital version of yourself in no time.

World Wellness Health Institute is located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, and serves patients throughout the southeastern region of the state. If you’re interested in learning more about ThermiBreast or any of the other services we offer, contact our office by phone or click the button to schedule a consultation today.

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