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If you want to improve the color, texture, and tone of your skin, a facial peel may be the answer. Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, a board-certified physician at World Wellness Health Institute, treats people wanting to revitalize their facial skin with a VI Peel® to remove the top layers of skin that are damaged from the sun, as well as show the signs of aging. People living in and around Bala Cynwyd, Philadelphia and the surrounding communities, can have a VI Peel® to obtain a brighter, more youthful appearance.

What is a VI Peel®?

A VI Peel® is a cosmetic skin treatment that contains a powerful blend of ingredients acceptable on all skin types as it contains TCA, Retin-A, salicylic acid and vitamin C. In addition to treating facial imperfections, it can be used on the hands and chest for diminishing and removing sunspots. The VI Peel® delivers dramatic results with minimal to no discomfort, no preparation, and very little downtime.

VI Peel® is offered in three solutions:

  • VI Peel® Purify–Treats acne, as well as acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • VI Peel® Precision– A 25 percent stronger formula of the VI Peel®
  • VI Peel® Precision Plus– Treats melasma and pigmentation with a booster and extra pads

Benefits of a VI Peel®

A VI Peel® provides superior results for all skin types. With regular use (two to four treatments per year), the VI Peel® reverses sun damage. In addition to treating hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne and acne scars, a VI Peel® can be used on the eye area, chest and hands to offer the following benefits:

  • Safe to use on the hands, neck, and chest
  • No discomfort
  • Results are visible in days
  • No skin preparation
  • Very little downtime

How Is a VI Peel® Administered?

Applying a VI Peel® solution is the same as applying any other solution for a chemical peel. With the VI Peel®, after the application is completed, patients may leave the office with the solution on their faces. After a few hours, the peel solution may be washed off, followed by an application of aftercare products given during the treatment session. At bedtime, patients apply another solution with towelettes. With VI Peel® there is some tightening of the skin but virtually no stinging or discomfort.

During the process, the solution reacts with the skin so that it slightly blisters and peels off removing the older skin cells and increasing collagen production in a faster manner to heal the skin.

VI Peel® Preparation

The VI Peel® requires no preparation prior to treatment. This is one of the primary benefits of a VI Peel®.

VI Peel® Recovery

Following treatment with the VI Peel®, there is a noticeable brown or reddish tone for a couple of days. Because it looks tan, most people continue to work. After a few days of peeling, the skin begins to look smooth and rejuvenated.

With the VI Peel® patients also get VIDerm® moisturizer to prevent a scaly appearance that keeps the face from looking scaly. Even though normal activities can be resumed, we suggest avoiding vigorous exercise or other activities for a few days after the treatment. Additionally, it is recommended that maintenance peels take place every three to four months.

How Much Does a VI Peel® Cost?

The cost of a VI Peel® varies by patient depending on the extent of treatment. We can discuss the cost with you during a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lebowitz, as well as our payment options including financing through CareCredit®.

Is a VI Peel® Right for Me?

The VI Peel® is ideal for you if you have visibly damaged skin from the sun, signs of aging or other skin conditions and want smooth skin but do not want the side effects of most chemical peels.

What Do I Do Next?

The VI Peel® is an excellent option for most skin care types. To determine if it is suitable for your skin, we request you schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lebowitz so that he can evaluate your skin and answer any questions you may have.

*Disclaimer: Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

To remove damaged skin and signs of aging, the VI Peel® provides excellent results with no side effects. Dr. Daniel Lebowitz treats people living in Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia, PA, as well as surrounding areas, with a VI Peel® to restore a younger, smoother complexion. Contact us today at World Wellness Health Institute to schedule a consultation.

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