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Weight Loss in Philadelphia, PA

For some people, weight loss is easier than for others. In Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia, PA and surrounding communities, people with food issues may benefit from medically supervised weight loss with Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, a board-certified physician at World Wellness Health Institute, for effective approaches to losing weight.

What is Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

Medically supervised weight loss is a physician-assisted approach to weight loss for people who have a significant amount of weight to lose and are not able to accomplish it on their own. Depending on the approach, medically supervised weight loss can be achieved through the use of prescription medication, invasive surgery or alternative medicine.

At World Wellness Health Institute, our approach to medically supervised weight loss is accomplished through the use of functional and integrative medicine. Similar to treating chronic health conditions, the first objective is to find out the reason for the weight gain. Once the cause has been established, the process for losing weight may begin.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Medically supervised weight loss offers patients needing assistance the following benefits:

  • Assessment of lifestyle and habits
  • Customized weight loss plan
  • Help in establishing and maintaining healthy habits
  • Improvement in health
  • Balance and wellness

How Does Medically Supervised Weight Loss Work?

World Wellness Health Institute approaches weight loss with functional medicine in that we need to get to the root of why people consistently gain weight. This is done by evaluating the physical, emotional and mental influences that affect weight, such as diet, exercise, stress, and spirituality. Once reviewed, a diagnosis can be made, and a weight loss plan can be customized to fit the needs of each patient.

Throughout the weight loss journey, patients have unlimited access to Dr. Lebowitz when necessary to address any issues that present themselves.

Weight Loss Preparation

Prior to starting a medical weight loss program, Dr. Lebowitz will perform a detailed metabolic and health physical to check for any underlying issues that may be causing your weight gain and preventing you from losing weight. Following any needed tests, Dr. Lebowitz will work with you to develop a customized weight loss plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Weight Loss Maintenance

During your weight loss program, you will have unlimited access to Dr. Lebowitz to help hold you accountable and to help you maintain your weight loss goals. Your diet and exercise habits will be monitored to ensure you are following your program properly as designed by you and Dr. Lebowitz.

How Much Does Medically Supervised Weight Loss Cost?

Costs will vary by patient depending on the extent of weight loss treatment needed. During your consultation, Dr. Lebowitz will discuss costs and payment options, including financing available.

Is Weight Loss Right for Me?

If you are overweight, and you have tried with little success to lose weight, medical weight loss may be the solution for you. If you want one-on-one attention and guidance during your weight loss journey, then weight loss at World Wellness Health Institute is right for you.

If you have continuously struggled to lose weight and reside in Bala Cynwyd or Philadelphia, PA, consider medically supervised weight loss with Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, a board-certified physician at World Wellness Health Institute, for effective approaches to losing weight. Contact us today!

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