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Scream Cream in Philadelphia, PA

As women age, it is common to suffer a low libido and lack of sexual fulfillment primarily due to a hormonal imbalance. At World Wellness Health Institute, board-certified physician Dr. Daniel Lebowitz offers Scream Cream to women in Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia, PA, who want a renewed enjoyment and experience with sexual relationships.

What is Scream Cream?

Research shows that in the United States, at least 25 percent of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction, most often with a low or lack of sex drive, painful sex or an inability to achieve orgasm. Scream Cream is a prescription topical cream that aids a woman in regaining her libido and ability to achieve orgasm. This topical solution contains a combination of prescription and non-prescription components described as blood flow enhancers, vasodilators, and sexual stimulation enhancing hormones that increase blood flow to the applied areas and improves sensitivity and rates of orgasm.

Benefits of Scream Cream

Perimenopause is a time when women begin to experience major external and internal changes in their bodies. While some prescription medications help with some of the symptoms, the side effects that deal with sex are sometimes harder to handle than others. Scream Cream helps women regain their sexual desire and ability to perform. It also offers the following benefits for those who use it:

  • Increases the intimacy of relationships
  • Decreases stress
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Decreases mood swings
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Relieves pain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes a youthful glow

How is Scream Cream Administered?

About a half-hour prior to any sexual activity, apply a pea-sized amount of Scream Cream directly to the clitoris and external genitalia. The effects of the solution typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Because it is topical and contains no harmful ingredients, Scream Cream can be applied as needed.

Scream Cream Preparation.

The only preparation needed is that the cream should be applied about 30 minutes prior to any anticipated sexual encounter. To ensure there is no negative reaction, patients should talk to their physician prior to getting the prescription.

How Much Does Scream Cream Cost?

The cost of Scream Cream varies with each patient, depending on whether it is combined with other treatments. We can discuss the cost during a consultation, along with our payment options and financing through CareCredit®

Is Scream Cream Right for Me?

Scream Cream offers a solution to women experiencing difficulty with sex. If you have a lack of desire, significant vaginal dryness causing pain or the inability to achieve orgasm, Scream Cream may be the answer to reigniting your physical relationship.

Scream Cream Consultation

If you are interested in Scream Cream, we recommend a consultation with Dr. Lebowitz. During the consultation, he performs a health evaluation, along with getting a full medical history to determine the cause of your sexual issues. At that point, he typically recommends Scream Cream or another treatment to invigorate your sex life.

*Disclaimer: Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Sexual dysfunction is a prevalent issue in many women as they age. For women living in Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia, PA, World Wellness Health Institute offers Scream Cream to women with sexual dysfunction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, so you can restore an important part of your life.

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