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Dr. Daniel Lebowitz is committed to improving people’s lives using cutting edge technology for procedures that ultimately serve to empower his patients. SmartSkin+™ is one such procedure involving the use of high-tech lasers designed to smooth out the surface of your skin. Schedule your consultation today with wellness and aesthetics physician, Dr. Lebowitz, at his Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania practice: World Wellness Health Institute.

SmartSkin+ Q & A

by Daniel Lebowitz, MD

What is SmartSkin+?

SmartSkin+ is currently the most advanced laser skin resurfacing workstation available. But unlike other systems, it’s completely customizable to the client at hand in order to match everyone’s unique needs and minimize downtime. It also involves a full-featured CO2 laser that creates a more even tone, smoother skin, and reduces wrinkles.

What are some features of SmartSkin+?

SmartSkin+ offers cutting-edge technology and highly customizable settings to target your personal needs. It’s equipped with four key parameters to accommodate the individual:

This setting can be adjusted up to 30W for optimum customization. Dr. Lebowitz can set the penetration, depth, and collateral thermal injury needed to achieve desired results.

The pulse enters in phases, with the first phase emitting high peak power to ablate the tissue, and minimize erythema. The second phase uses adjustable low power to streamline the energy for tissue coagulation and neocollagenesis.

Dr. Lebowitz can regulate the density, governing the ablation delivered.

After careful evaluation of your state, Dr. Lebowitz will select the number of pulses delivered to optimize the depth of treatment without increasing power.

What skin problems can SmartSkin+ treat?

SmartSkin+ resolves various skin problems that may cause insecurities. Patients experiencing these particular conditions may opt for SmartSkin+ laser treatment:

  • Pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Blotchy skin
  • Skin laxity on the face
  • Scars
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks

The face and neck are the most commonly targeted areas among patients opting for SmarkSkin+ treatment. The system fosters dramatic aesthetic changes by removing unwanted pigment and age spots, and smoothing the skin’s texture. Although it’s not as effective as a surgical facelift, SmartSkin+ can also facilitate moderate tightening of the facial and neck skin.

How long do I have to wait until I can see results of SmartSkin+ treatment?

Certain treatment conditions have more immediate effects than others. Treating pigmentation and fine wrinkles allows for immediate, visible results. However, the SmartSkin+ procedure is rooted in stimulating neocollagenesis, a process that begins within 30 days of treatment, and yields gradual results over several months. The collagen boost plumps up your skin to produce a youthful appearance.

Scars and stretch marks are notoriously challenging to eliminate completely as the skin may not  return to its original state. SmartSkin+, however, can markedly reduce these established conditions that interfere with your confidence. Book an appointment online wellness and aesthetic physician, Dr. Lebowitz, to start on your path to wellness today.

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